Neurotoxin Procedures

Neurotoxin Procedures in Vancouver

Recently, there has been a trend towards the highly efficacious modern non-invasive treatments and away from traditional cosmetic surgery which can have a significant amount of downtime. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal (October 2010) quoted a 29% decrease in the frequency of facelift surgery and 23% decrease on eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) this past year.

People are just too busy to take unnecessary time away from their normal activities and furthermore they are increasingly well informed about the advances in the use of soft tissue filler augmentation agents, and the neurotoxins, such as BOTOX and Xeomin, both approved in Canada, as well as Dysport, approved in the USA.

A Change in the Pattern of Desired Treatments with Age

In youth, people usually wish to have neurotoxin and filler treatments to “fix what nature gave me”. This might include softening a frown, elevating the brows, or gently enhancing the fullness of the lips.

Facial Ageing Effects

Between the ages of 40-100, there is more concern developing about the flattening of the cheeks, the change from a heart shaped to a squarer face, vertical lines developing on the upper lip, in particular the thinning of both upper and lower lips and a tired expression relating to deep grooves developing under the eyes (infraorbital hollows), between the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds) and between the mouth corners to the chin (marionette lines).

In particular, huge advances in the modern formulation of these fillers has given us the privilege of using long lasting and biodegradable injectable agents which can be used to reshape the cheeks, chin, nose, brow, temples, lips and jawline. In the hyaluronic acid group, the filler can actually be removed by a subsequent injection of a naturally occurring enzyme, hyaluronidase, should this be required.

Sun Damage and Ageing

From about 40 years of age, people become aware of sun damage to their skin in the form of brown patches (lentigos) that develop on their cheeks and nose and broken capillaries (telangiesctasias), over their T-zone, cheeks and chin. Research has shown that the presence of this sun damage adds about 10 years of perceived age to our faces.

At the Carruthers Cosmetic Clinic, we offer many neurotoxin procedures and treatments to help with these universal aging issues. We employ many modern techniques and products to restore, rejuvenate and reshape our faces to help give back the gentle enhancement we need to feel confident again that we are indeed looking our best. We are pleased to answer your questions at our office, by phone or by filling in our contact form.