Skin Care

Skin Care and Maintenance

At the Carruthers Clinic offices we place a great amount of emphasis on proper skin health and maintenance to provide long-term, optimal results that will have you simply glowing with confidence.

Our skincare focus is aimed at several important factors that will, over time, result in a beautiful complexion.  Our goals are simply to assist each client with personalized treatments specific to skincare maintenance, correction and prevention.  We work with you to execute a well-developed skincare regime perfectly suited to your individual maintenance needs as well as help correct any minor changes to your overall skin look and feel – treating age spots, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, we focus on preventative techniques that help protect delicate skin from UV and infrared radiation, free radicals and visible light in order to help you obtain your most radiant and healthy appearance.

Please contact us for more information on skin care and how we can help you to improve and maintain your beautiful skin.